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Major online retailers on both sides of the boarder are getting into the online game as competition becomes more aggressive. Research has shown that Canadians thrust their veterinarians when it comes to the health of their pets. So, who better to offer the convenience of easy, personalized online prescription diet shopping that the clinic pet owners already know and trust?

The pet food market is changing rapidly- MyVetStore will help you stay ahead of the curve, ensure you don’t miss out on additional revenue streams, and aren’t “Uber’d” by disruptive market forces.

New Revenue Streams

MyVetStore is veterinarian owned, veterinarian controlled, and veterinarian supported, so each online sale generates revenue for your clinic. The order fulfillment partnership with our distributors means you can keep your in-stock inventory lean. The online system also easily manages coupons and discounts.

Healthier Pets Through Greater Compliance

Making it easy and convenient for your clients to purchase their pet’s veterinarian-recommended food means they’re more likely to follow the treatment you’ve prescribed. In the long run, this leads to healthier pets with better quality of life. MyVetStore’s auto order subscription model has been proven to improve compliance.


Making veterinary exclusive products available for online purchase lets clients make their buying decisions on their own time and removes sales pressure from veterinarian visits. This results in greater focus on the pet health and the chance to build a more positive veterinary-client relationship.


With MyVetStore’s marketing you will be able to get the word out about your personalised veterinary store. With services like: email campaigns, launch kits, and marketing kits, you’ll make your webstore seen.

How MyVetStore Works

Please watch this short video to get a better understanding of how MyVetStore could work for your clinic.

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